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Saturday 10:00pm

Bahamas Bio

As the studio follow-up to 2020’s Sad Hunk—an album beloved by the JUNO Awards and Ted Lasso music supervisors alike—Bahamas’ sixth full-length, BOOTCUT, was produced by Grammy-Nominated Robbie Lackritz (Feist, Jack Johnson, Peach Pit) and Dan Knobler (Allison Russell, Rodney Crowell); BOOTCUT was recorded in Nashville’s Sound Emporium. It features Jurvanen backed by a veritable Murderer’s Row of Music City pros, including guitar legend (and current Eagle) Vince Gill, pedal-steel maestro Russ Pahl (Kenny Rogers, Don Williams, Kacey Musgraves), bassist Dave Roe (Sturgill Simpson, Dwight Yoakam, Johnny Cash), harmonica player Mickey Raphael (Willie Nelson), bluegrass legend Sam Bush. So yes, you could call this Bahamas’ “country” album, full of songs rooted in familiar Nashville topics like love, death, and automotive vehicles, and topped with extra dollops of teary twang, mandolin-pluckin’, and saloon-door-swinging rhythm. But BOOTCUT isn’t simply a Bahamas interpretation of country music, it’s a country-music interpretation of Bahamas that puts a sepia-toned spin on Jurvanen’s signature moves using a genre-less blend of Americana, Bluegrass, and all that Bahamas has been know to embody: the funky finesse, the bizarro guitar solos that sound like they’re beaming in from Mars, and the ever-so-sly storytelling that filters timeless themes through a distinctly modern lens.



Saturday 8:00pm

Joel Plaskett Bio

From rocking Halifax’s Marquee Club to performing for the masses at Massey Hall or touring the country with his father, Joel Plaskett has forged a reputation as one of Canada’s most engaging performers and respected singer-songwriters.

Plaskett’s songs are a perennial part of the national playlist, a fixture on “best of” lists, and the soundtrack to the lives of faithful fans across the country and around the world. His accolades over a quarter-century include a Juno, numerous East Coast Music, Canadian Folk and Music Nova Scotia awards, and two Polaris short list nominations.

Plaskett is a versatile and ever-evolving artist, at turns delivering intimate and idiosyncratic singer-songwriter fare (In Need of Medical Attention, La De Da, The Park Avenue Sobriety Test); incendiary riff-rock (Down at the Khyber, Truthfully, Truthfully), left-leaning folk rock (Solidarity), as well as conceptual epics and off-kilter feats of musical stamina (Ashtray Rock, Three, Scrappy Happiness, 44).

Great Lake Swimmers - four-winds-music-fest

Sunday 9:00pm

Great Lake Swimmers Bio

Featuring a blend of acoustic instruments, rural soundscapes, and wistful vocals, Great Lake Swimmers are a critically acclaimed indie-folk group led by songwriter/vocalist Tony Dekker with a revolving backing band. Based in Toronto, Ontario, the group emerged with a succession of heavily atmospheric albums recorded in old silos and rural country churches. The music has developed that pastoral warmth over subsequent albums through a continued vision to record and perform in acoustically unique and historical locales. They are renowned for their homespun folk and lush, intimate Americana in their live shows.

Great Lake Swimmers celebrated their 15th anniversary in 2018 with the release of “The Waves, The Wake,” which displayed both their pop-oriented side and a new direction utilizing instruments like marimba, harp, lute, and woodwinds and adopted a more orchestral and improvisational approach to modern folk music. They have been shortlisted for the prestigious Polaris Music Prize and nominated twice for Canada’s Juno Awards, with the CBC calling them “a national treasure.”

Their latest offering is 2021’s double LP, “Live At The Redeemer,” an archival live performance recorded at Toronto’s Church of the Redeemer.

“Dekker’s preoccupation with the Canadian state of mind flourishes in his lyrics. Few songwriters are able to convey the country’s harsh beauty as well. …Canadian folk tradition personified in the 21st century” – Exclaim!

“Dekker has done a masterful job of finding that balance on The Waves, the Wake, which has enough connections to the past to satisfy long-time fans of Great Lake Swimmers even while the singer looks to the future and moves forward as an artist.” – The Georgia Straight

“A minimalist, atmospheric compendium of songs with a sonic environment the listener can easily get lost in.” – The Vue

“Ambient Zen Americana” – Mojo


Daniel Romano's Outfit - FOUR-WINDS-MUSIC-FEST

Friday 7:30pm

Daniel Romano’s Outfit Bio

Daniel Romano’s Outfit is a Canadian indie rock band shrouded in mystery, and known for their high intensity live performances. The band, which has garnered a reputation as a powerhouse supergroup, is led by Daniel Romano and consists of Carson McHone, Julianna Riolino, Roddy Rosetti and Ian Ski Romano.

“The Outfit’s live shows are nothing short of explosive, leaving audiences in a state of awe and wonderment.” (Paste Magazine)

“Daniel Romano’s Outfit are a band like no other, weaving a mysterious and mesmerizing soundscape that is as haunting as it is electrifying.” (Consequence of Sound)

Carson and Julianna’s flourishing solo careers outside of the Outfit only add to the allure, while Roddy and Ian have been Daniel’s trusted musical collaborators for years.

The Outfit have made appearances at many major music festivals, including Bonnaroo, Azkena Rock Fest, End of the Road, Roskilde Festival, among others.

In 2020 the Outfit dropped several notable records, including a collaboration with Tool drummer Danny Carey on the long form album, Forever Love’s Fool.

Daniel Romano’s Outfit Do (What Could Have Been) Infidels By Bob Dylan & the Plugz was released in the same year, inspired by a 1984 appearance on Letterman where Dylan performed a song with LA punk band The Plugz. With their own twist, the Outfit reimagined the entire album and answer the question, what if Dylan went punk?

In 2021, the Outfit released the rock and roll masterclass, Cobra Poems, which infused their signature sound with new swagger and grit. The fiery single “Nocturne Child” is a prime example of the band’s electrifying energy.

In 2022, the Outfit took things to a whole new level with the ambitious release of La Luna, “…a true masterpiece, showcasing the band’s unparalleled musicianship and knack for crafting deeply atmospheric and emotive music.” (Stereogum)

“With each release, Daniel Romano’s Outfit continues to defy genre classification, carving out a unique space for themselves in the world of music.” (Exclaim!)


Friday 9:00pm

Boy Golden Bio

Everything becomes fluid when you can pass through time and space like a ghost, a story, a melody. Boy Golden manifests all three on For Jimmy. 

When listening to his music, it feels easy to dissolve into the ether. Everything flows. From classic country to psych-folk, Alternative to roadhouse pop to Appalachian bluegrass, Boy Golden’s music is easy, breezy, warm and gritty. And don’t it just feel good to listen to it. 

Since releasing his debut album, Church of Better Daze, in 2021, he’s played every summer festival on your list, produced X albums with friends, released a dozen videos, curated and directed an art show and music video for “KD & Lunchmeat”, the Seth-Rogenesque hit single that charted to #1 on Alternative Radio, and toured more than 60 venues across North America with The Sheepdogs. 

Introspective and vulnerable, traditional and queer, hard-headed and sensual, Boy Golden’s every man-aesthetic can appeal to all of us. This ability lies in his songwriting: the songs your friends tell you about, the stories you hear from your neighbours, your community. He’s comfortable both in the spotlight and just outside it, sharing the moments with other artists, lifting others up along with him. He’s a genuine student of Townes Van Zandt and Willie Nelson, as much as Dwight Yoakam and Stevie Ray Vaughan. Plus his C.O.B.D philosophy, “You can blaze and still get paid” might help us all to blur borders and old definitions of genres we thought we knew, like Steve Lacy or Justin Vernon do for pop music. 

Boy Golden is able to maintain his own unique blend of Boy Golden using whatever frame of mind he’s in to fit us into this time. We’re here right now.

TerraLightfoot_four winds music fest

Sunday 7:30pm

Terra Lightfoot Bio

Drop the needle on Healing Power, the bright, bold new album from acclaimed Canadian recording artist Terra Lightfoot, and you won’t be surprised to learn that it was inspired at high altitude. The album’s cover photo sets the scene — a striking European larch at the edge of the timberline, high above a grassy plateau, Limestone Alps rising in the distance like a dream just out of reach. Alone in Austria, just ahead of a string of solo European dates, and just a third of the way into a sprawling world tour, Lightfoot found herself on a mountain-top beneath that tree, singing and playing guitar, touching grass and drilling into the depths of her emotions.

She was surrounded by flowers yellow and blue, and though Lightfoot herself has been given her share of flowers — a pair of JUNO nominations, a long-list Polaris nod, lead single “Paradise” soundtracking the CBC’s first 2018 Winter Olympics wrap — the strain of nearly three years of steady roadwork was eroding the ground under her feet. The tree ultimately became emblematic of the next chapter of Lightfoot’s artistic journey as well as the unassuming cover star of her sixth album.

“The story,” Lightfoot says, “is that everything comes back around. It was my idea to call the record Healing Power, and I thought of the most healing place that I knew in the world. That tree taught me about perseverance. It was the only tree living at that altitude. It just kept growing. And I knew I had to be like that too: just to keep growing and changing.”

Healing Power is further evidence of Lightfoot’s ability to do just that. To describe her decade-plus musical evolution as astonishing is something of an understatement. Along the way, Lightfoot’s marathon tours have touched down in eight countries across four continents (including support slots for Bruce Cockburn, Blue Rodeo, Toad the Wet Sprocket, The Posies, The Sheepdogs, and Willie Nelson). She also conceived, created, curated, produced and co-headlined The Longest Road Show, an all-female touring revue. In October 2020, Lightfoot released Consider the Speed, recorded by Grammy-winning producer Jay Newland at Memphis’ legendary Royal Studios. In early 2022, Lightfoot launched her own label, Midnight Choir, with a cover of Leadbelly’s “Where Did you Sleep Last Night?” and fan-favourite original composition, “Sleepyhead”, covered by Sarah Blackwood of Walk Off The Earth.

With 2023’s Healing Power (out October 13, 2023 on Sonic Unyon Records), Lightfoot showcases her considerable clout as a pop songsmith, delivering a dozen stunning tracks that together represent a career high. The album is her third outing with producer Gus van Go, and it is tribute to her creative ambitions and capacity that the collaboration is yet another quantum leap in her artistic development.

“There was a sense of freedom, both personally and creatively, that struck me while I was writing this record,” Lightfoot says. “Once I got back into the studio with Gus, having already made two records with him, there was an undeniable comfort and workflow that we just fell into. We are super-productive together in the studio. I also seem to get my best vocal takes with Gus behind the board. We built this record pretty quickly together, with the band on call whenever we needed them.”

Healing Power delivers the peerless pop-rock album that fans have long known that she always had in her. The set captures the crackling chemistry of the core live trio — most of the album finds Lightfoot backed by bassist Elijah Abrams and Blue Rodeo’s Glenn Milchem on drums. This compact and capable team of players reinforces the strengths of Lightfoot’s remarkable material. From hand-clapping head-turner “Cross Border Lovers” through the cinematic ballad “Out Of Time” that closes it, Lightfoot’s artistic range is again on full display, and her musical talents never short of dazzling. A buoyant pop-rock record at its core, Healing Power is a prismatic tour de force from the charismatic rocker.

logan Staats four winds music fest

Saturday 6:00pm

Logan Staats Bio

In 2018, veracious Mohawk singer-songwriter Logan Staats was chosen from 10,000 hopeful contestants vying for a spot on musical competition show The Launch. Before an audience of 1.4 million viewers, Staats won, officiating the breakthrough that would lead him to Nashville and Los Angeles, and to his single “The Lucky Ones” winning the Indigenous Music Award for Best Radio Single. “The Lucky Ones” also occupied #1 in Canada.

In the years between now and then, Staats has come home, making the intentional decision to re-root at Six Nations of the Grand River. “I wanted to bring my songwriting back to the medicine inside of music, to the medicine inside of reclamation,” he says following a phase of constant travel and intensity.

To Staats, music is a healing salve, contemplatively composed and offered to listeners in need of comfort. Since returning home, Staats has been able to create music authentically again, reclaiming his sound through honest storytelling and unvarnished, sometimes painful reflection.

An evocative testament to rock’s cathartic spirit, the album was recorded with borrowed microphones at Staats’ apartment, at Six Nations recording studio Jukasa, and at downtown Brantford’s Sanderson Centre for the Performing Arts.

“My nation and my community are in every chord I play and every note I sing,” says Staats. “They’ve saved me.”

Quique Escamilla-four winds music fest

Friday 6:00pm

Quique Escamilla Bio

JUNO Award-winning Quique Escamilla is a Mayan-Zapotec singer-songwriter born and raised in Chiapas, Mexico. He is an international touring artist and producer based in Toronto, Canada.

Quique breaks down language barriers with his voice and passionate performances, fusing traditional Mexican and Pan-American rhythms and sounds, such as ranchera, huapango and cumbia, with contemporary folk, rock and blues elements.

Escamilla’s songs are crafted with bold political statements, exemplary musicianship, and compelling stories representing the world’s current times and struggles. His songs elevate the voices of Indigenous Peoples who continue to rise above the impact of colonization and racism across the Americas, from Canada to Argentina. Quique explains, “Each performance is an opportunity to stimulate the human conscience and intellect and has the potential to help effect positive change in our world.”

Quotes / Highlights

“Quique represents a modern version of a Pan-American Troubadour fusing traditional Mexican styles such ranchera and huapango with rock, reggae, done in an unassuming way, built upon solid musicianship…A very promising debut recording!”

– Marc Fournier, SONGLINES Magazine, UK.

“Modern-day troubadour Quique Escamilla makes music that comes straight from the soul. The stories he tells are the stories we need to hear; socially and politically conscious lyrics paired with exceptional musicianship. He’s a unique talent who holds to the traditions of heavyweights like Bob Marley and Manu Chao. Quique is really one to watch!”

– Garvia Bailey, CBC Radio Canada / Jazz FM Radio, Toronto.

2015 – 500 Years of Night — Juno Awards: World Music Album of the Year, Winner

2014 – 500 Years of Night — Canadian Folk Music Awards: World Solo Artist of the Year, Winner

2020 – Encomienda — Canadian Folk Music Awards: World Solo Artist of the Year    Nominated

Quique’s newest fourth album is set to be released in May 2024.

Jerry Leger & The Situation

Jerry Leger & The Situation -four-winds-music-fest

Saturday 3:00pm

Jerry Leger & The Situation Bio

As Toronto’s music scene has grown in stature on the world stage, singer/songwriter Jerry Leger has been making his own significant contributions. A favourite of Uncut Magazine and Rolling Stone Germany, Leger has also earned the praise of fellow artists Ron Sexsmith (“he’s the real deal”) and Doug Paisley, while maintaining a long relationship with Cowboy Junkies as part of their Latent Recordings roster, with their songwriter/guitarist Michael Timmins serving as producer.

On his new album Donlands, Leger has taken a different approach, teaming up with legendary Canadian producer/engineer Mark Howard (Lucinda Williams, Bob Dylan, Tom Waits, Neil Young), whose trademark atmospheric sound adds an entirely new dimension to Leger’s approach. Named after the street in Toronto’s east end where it was recorded, in what once was the Donlands Theatre, Donlands presents Jerry Leger as he’s never been heard before.

On songs like “I Was Right To Doubt Her,” the film noir vibe recalls Howard’s work on Willie Nelson’s Teatro. But mostly, Leger wears his poetic heart firmly on his sleeve on “Three Hours Ahead Of Midnight” and “The Flower And The Dirt,” songs that underscore Leger’s uncommon ability to pen timeless music and lyrics. Further, as on the Roy Orbison-esque opening track “Sort Me Out,” and the heart-wrenching piano ballad “Wounded Wing,” Leger digs deep to express the strength and resolve we’ve all needed to get through the past few years. He says, “This record is a place I’ve known about and where I’ve always wanted to live, so it was a nice and rewarding visit. It’s another piece of me that floats in a dream. It’s surreal at times, just like writing can be surreal.”

For Jerry Leger, the search for the elusive creative spark remains never-ending, but there are always new routes to explore in getting to it. With Donlands, he has made an album that stands as one of the peak moments in an already towering body of work.

Alysha Brilla

Saturday 7:00pm

Alysha Brilla Bio

Alysha Brilla is a 3X Juno Award nominated artist, songwriter, and music producer with a special interest in sound as a healing modality. Brilla is the first female artist in Canada to receive multiple Juno Award nominations for her self-produced albums. Brilla’s work is driven by a deep belief in music’s power to transform ourselves and our world.

Brilla’s unique global roots x folk fusion is inspired by growing up with parents from two different cultural and religious backgrounds; an Indian-Tanzanian father and a European-Settler Canadian mother.  Alysha’s music connects rhythmic sounds with esoteric lyricism; transporting listeners to a place suspended between the earth and the stars.

Thanks to a growing collective of music fans worldwide, Brilla regularly tours internationally including across Australia, Singapore, Tanzania and Chile. In addition to live performances of music, Brilla has conducted creative wellness workshops in schools for the past ten years; promoting storytelling through music and mentoring in self-expression through the arts with a focus on developing skills in songwriting and music production.

Donné Roberts

Sunday 5:45pm

Donné Roberts Bio

Donné Roberts is a 2 times JUNO Award Winner and 4 times JUNO Award Nominee singer-songwriter/guitarist and producer. Born in Madagascar and now lives in Toronto, Canada. His most current album “OYA” was nominated for JUNO Award Global Music Album of the year 2022.

Donné known for his consistently delivering high quality live performances. The powerful groove with Jazz elements and catchy melodic lines that makes his audience in Canada, USA and Japan sing along with him.
He just came back from an international tour in Japan in November and December 2023.

His success led to CBC Radio asking him to compose the theme song for their popular morning show Fresh Air, which still runs today. He used to work as backup singer for Ace of Base (Swedish pop group).
He’s been successfully collaborating with Amanda Martinez, Soultans of String, African Guitar Summit, Okavango African Orchestra and more. Currently he is working on a new album.

2022 AWARD NOMINEE-Global Music Album of the Year 2022



Sunday 10:30am

Ontarians Bio

The Greatest Short Story Never Told

In case you didn’t know, Ontario is big. Bigger than Texas, actually. A lot of that vast, wild space is ingrained in the music made by Ontario artists, and one of the most revered, Fred Eaglesmith, has often said that he would rank Ontario songwriters equally with those from Texas. It’s all just sometimes hard to notice, with Toronto being the centre of the universe and all.

The members of the band Ontarians don’t live in Toronto, which is precisely why their name suits them to a tee. Their turf is mostly the northern half of the province, from Collingwood to Sault Ste. Marie. But with the release of their debut album, The Greatest Short Story Never Told, they’re more than happy to represent the southern half as well. Indeed, the approach that Ontarians take isn’t dissimilar from the sound that ruled Toronto’s Queen Street West during the glory days of the Horseshoe Tavern, the Cameron House and the Rivoli, when a distinctive brand of country rock was created by former punks seeking to express themselves in a more personal and substantive way.

Of course, much has changed since then, but The Greatest Short Story Never Told is a clear reminder that well-crafted songs played by musicians with genuine chemistry will never fall out of fashion.

Further proof is that it’s taken Ontarians two years to get to this point, 2020 restrictions notwithstanding. The seeds were planted in 2018 when roots rock scene veterans Frank Deresti and Craig Smith decided to try writing some songs together, a process that soon led Frank to make regular trips from Sault Ste. Marie to Craig’s studio near Collingwood where the pair laid down tracks and sent them off to their keyboardist Jay Stiles in Austin, Texas to add his parts. Chris Johns later overdubbed some drums, before Craig’s painstaking mixes made everything gel into one seamless package.

“This was a true collaborative effort for Craig, Jay and myself,” Frank says. “Between glasses of Pernod, car troubles and lots of laughter we wrote songs about various stages of life we found ourselves in—past, present, and a hypothetical future. When Craig and I sat down to write with a clear goal in mind, it was like a reservoir of creativity was released that had been building up for a long time.”

That flood resulted in standout songs such as “Forest For The Trees,” the only one written and recorded with all three principles together in the same room, “Photographs and Epitaphs,” the first one written for the project, stemming from its prophetic opening line, “Some songs will write themselves…,” and the album’s first single, “Time,” a slice of classic alt-country in the spirit of Neil Young, The Band, and early Wilco.

“The general guiding rule has been ‘anything goes,’” Craig says. “Frank and I pursued any idea either of us came up with, as long as it felt good. And even though the album took two years to finish, when we were together in the studio there was a real sense of urgency to be productive. We didn’t have the luxury of living in the same city, so I think all of that concentrated effort really comes across on the album.”

Prior to the formation of Ontarians, Frank Deresti criss-crossed the country as a sideman for over a decade and released four albums under his own name beginning in 2012, all while holding down several high profile teaching positions at Sault Ste. Marie’s Algoma University and the Algoma Conservatory of Music.

Craig Smith cut his musical teeth in the underrated ‘90s singer/songwriter scene in Kitchener-Waterloo where he made two solo albums before moving to Collingwood and building a scene there through production work and booking artists at CROW Bar.

Jay Stiles has been hired to work on many projects over the years, and since his move to Austin, that network has grown exponentially. Along with being a part of Ontarians, Jay is also working with Big Sugar’s Gordie Johnson on a new reggae project.

With the release of The Greatest Short Story Never Told, Ontarians are fully prepared to invigorate the roots rock world with their timeless sound. As Frank says, when something just feels right, it can’t be denied. “We started with a little idea of what direction we thought we could take, but it became apparent pretty quickly that we complemented each other’s approach to writing in every way. We haven’t stopped writing actually, even with this first album finished. We want to have enough material to put on a great show when the time is right, and we’re all hoping that time comes soon.”

ESPANOLA four winds music fest

Sunday 4:45pm

Espanola Bio

If there were a venn diagram of the modern stalwarts of Canadian rock and roll, there in the middle you’ll find Espanola’s Aaron Goldstein. As the go-to sideman for some of the country’s most recognized songwriters for the last 15 years, Goldstein has played pedal steel and electric guitar for the likes of The Arkells, City & Colour, Kathleen Edwards, Lee Harvey Osmond, Daniel Romano and Cowboy Junkies, to name just a few.

However, despite his many legendary nights and performing to hundreds of thousands of satisfied fans, to quote the man himself, “Nothing beats the feeling of plugging in an SG and fronting your own band.”

Enter Espanola. Named after a blue collar town at the mouth of Highway 6 in Southern Ontario, Espanola is Goldstein’s musical memory palace — a place to celebrate his devotional hymns to the gods of rock and roll.

On Espanola Again, the group’s second release, Goldstein found a sonic soulmate in producer John Agnello (Dinosaur Hr, Alvvays, Waxahatchee). Together, the duo went to work bringing Goldstein’s tight songwriting to life with rough and tumble arrangements that at times recall The James Gang and others the cerebral alt-country of Wilco or the power pop of Sloan.

“Too rock and roll for Americana, too earnest for indie,” Goldstein laughs, describing the album’s sound.

Espanola was born of the ashes of Goldstein’s previous outfit, Huron. Following a long and arduous multi-year process for the group’s eponymous 2019 debut, Espanola, Again was recorded in 10 days at Goldstein’s own Gold Standard Recorders, live on the studio floor without the use of pitch-correction technology. Featuring Goldstein’s musical — and, on “Not Like Dynamite” literal — family, the album has a rambunctious, invigorating and vital energy, as if capturing lightning in a bottle.

Keen eared listeners will hear Margo Price sideman Micah Hulscher on piano, Hammond and Farfisa organs, Wurlitzer piano, synthesizers, Goldstein’s soul sister and bassist Anna Ruddick (Randy Bachman, Ian Blurton’s Future Now), and Blue Rodeo drummer Glenn Milchem holding it down behind Goldstein, as well as features from Ian Blurton, Steve Marriner and The Northern Soul Horns, among others.

In totality, the album and, indeed, the whole project is a manifestation of Goldstein’s own mantra about music: simple, direct, heartfelt and as fun to make as it is to listen to. Real honest rock and roll from a guy who lives and breathes it every day.

Alongside his role as side and frontman, Goldstein is also a producer and proprietor of Gold Standard Recorders in Toronto, Ontario. He’s produced and/or engineered projects by Julianna Riolino, Kiwi Jr, Le Ren, Altameda, Jadea Kelly, Milhail Laxton, B.Knox, Lenny Bull, Huttch, Megan Nash, Zachary Lucky, Union Duke, Nicolette & The Nobodies, Opeongo.


Sunday 2:00pm

Lindy Vopnfjörd Bio

Born into the Icelandic community in Manitoba, Canada, Lindy Vopnfjörd started his music career early. Singing traditional Icelandic songs with his family, both the cultural heritage and musician parents shaped this intuitive artist. By age four, Lindy was already pronouncing his “stand and care for the world” bent as an Icelandic-Canadian folk artist by singing cautionary songs against nuclear war. Travelling around by bus with his mom and dad and extended family, he developed an appreciation for performing as a form of sharing. Touring comes naturally to Lindy, and to see him live is to witness years of experience in honest delivery and authentic exchange, with a dedication as real to a room of three as when he’s performing stadium-full. Lindy has performed seven albums’ worth of originals that have mesmerized, delighted and moved audiences at house parties and bars to embassies, theatre halls with Canada’s Whitehorse, and large festivals, such as Montreal’s Osheaga, Winnipeg Folk Festival, Reykjavik Folk Festival, and Hillside Festival.


Sunday 3:30pm

The Human Rights Bio

Since they came together in 2007 around one of the Toronto reggae scene’s true lions, Friendlyness (Big Sugar, Culture Shock, Truth And Rights), The Human Rights have become one of the most beloved and respected Canadian independent reggae bands. In 2014, their longtime bredren Tréson joined the band to give them a uniquely powerful two-man vocal front line that delivers incredibly potent modern roots reggae, soul, R&B and dancehall vibes – backed by the propulsive rhythm section of Tyler Wagler (bass) and Eric Woolston (drums), Canadian reggae legend Dave Jackson on keys, “The James Taylor Experience” on guitar and the Declaration of Human Rights horn section. By the end of this year, the band will have played over 200 club and festival shows across Canada including over 50 shows this year alone, and earlier this year they toured the United States for the first time to a stunning response. The Human Rights released three full-length albums, with a fourth on the way in late 2024.


Friday 11:30pm

The Honeyrunners Bio

The Honeyrunners are a Northern take on Southern Soul – hot-blooded and rife with the poetry of heartache. The energy of this indie Toronto band is undeniable on stage and on record; a style of music suiting fans of Americana acts like Alabama Shakes, Nathaniel Rateliff, and The Allman Brothers.

“Let it burn. It’s the ashes that I admire.” A taunt from the title track of The Honeyrunners’ debut album, Everything Is On Fire, released on Canadian roots label, Gypsy Soul Records, and finding its way onto playlists and radio stations across the world. The band’s body of work aims to disrobe a culture of apathy – a sentiment that everything is always on fire, with nothing to do but watch. The album is a stark reminder of why your presence is needed in times like these.

The band (toting twelve members for larger shows) is fronted by Ottawa-born singer/songwriter Dan Dwoskin (keys, lead vocals) and Canadian-Peruvian audio-engineer/producer, Guillermo Subauste (bass, vocals). Newer additions to the lineup include the soulful Conor Gains (electric guitar, vocals) and the talented Daniel McLean (drums, vocals).

The Honeyrunners have been lucky to share stages with friends and mentors including The Sadies, The Trews, The Beaches, U.S.S., Five Alarm Funk, My Son The Hurricane, Skye Wallace, Samantha Martin, Philip Sayce, Nick Waterhouse, King Khan, and many more over the years.


Saturday 12:00pm

Queen M Bio

“The power of Soul can never be extinguished”
There’s still a misconception that the only authentic Soul music came from Detroit, Memphis and Muscle Shoals. But since that heyday in the 1960s, it’s been proven repeatedly that Soul music can be made anywhere, and at any time, so long as the artist is able to lay themselves bare and tell their story…

In The Face of Racism, a Love Story

If my parents had not stood up to racism almost 60 years ago, I would not exist…

My mother emigrated from Jamaica in the 1950s. She had come from a life of privilege, well educated and untouched by prejudice. In the early 1960s, when she was ready to buy her first new home, she met my father, George Hubbs, who was the real estate agent for the builder and possibly the whitest man in Canada.

My mother chose a home to purchase and signed a full-price offer. My father presented the offer to the builder, telling him the buyer was a well-qualified Jamaican nurse. The builder told my father that he would not sell to a Person of Colour, Black, Jamaican … you get the picture.

Here’s where the story gets interesting. My father, outraged, went back to my mother and told her exactly what the builder had said. My mother decided to take the builder to the Human Rights Commission, and my father testified for her. She got her house. He got fired from the building site, losing his job. They started dating, got married, and in 1965, I was born.

This wasn’t my mother’s first challenge finding housing as a Black woman in Canada. Before buying her home, many an apartment that was available when she phoned was suddenly gone when she got to the door. However, I grew up oblivious to any of this. My mother didn’t tell me anything about the racism she’d encountered until I was in my 20s and able to handle it. I grew up hearing only that I had “the best of both worlds.”

Melissa Payne


Saturday 1:30pm

Melissa Payne Bio

Melissa Payne, hailing from Ennismore, Ontario, has made a lasting impact on the music scene, and her journey has only just begun. Originally rooted in old-time fiddle and traditional Celtic music, Melissa has now blossomed into a successful solo artist with three full-length albums under her belt.

Melissa’s live performances have garnered critical acclaim, and she has had the privilege of collaborating with some of Canada’s biggest names in music. Notable guest collaborators include Blue Rodeo’s Greg Keelor, James McKenty, Matt Mays, Natalie MacMaster, cellist Nathaniel Smith, and Jimmy Bowskill, showcasing her ability to work with renowned artists.

Her latest single, “So Real,” has been receiving positive reviews and is a testament to her honest and vulnerable approach to songwriting. Melissa’s dedication to her craft and her ability to connect with her audience through her heartfelt music is sure to win over both dedicated fans and first-time listeners.

With her unique blend of old-time influences, remarkable talent, and notable collaborations, Melissa Payne continues to leave her mark on the musical landscape, and her star is set to rise even higher.


Saturday 12:45pm

B.Knox Bio

Releasing an album during the height of a worldwide pandemic was not what former teacher, B.Knox, had in mind when he set out. However, after receiving critical acclaim from Americana UK, Folk Radio UK, RnR Magazine; a shortlisting by both the CCMA’s and the International Songwriting Competition; radio play from SiriusXM, CBC, and many nationally and internationally syndicated shows; as well as playlisting from Starbucks, Spotify, Apple, and Amazon Music, it’s safe to say that Knox’s debut, Heartbreak & Landscape, was an unexpected critical and commercial success, thanks in large part to the combination of Knox’s lyrics and melody – and the production of Aaron Goldstein.

Knox’s sophomore album — the tellingly titled Far From Folk – blends cosmic Americana, left-field honky-tonk, rugged country-rock, and woozy roots music into its own melancholic mix. There are sad songs here, to be sure, but there’s also an overarching sense of optimism, with B.Knox moving past the breakup songs that filled his debut and focusing on something brighter. It serves as both a nod to Knox’s past and a reminder of just how far he’s grown beyond his folk roots, highlighting an artist in eclectic evolution.With further critical acclaim, and peaking at176 on the Americana Billboard Top 200,daily rotation on SiriusXM – as well as commercial and non-commercial radio rotation in the US, and playlisting on Spotify, Apple, and Amazon Music – Knox is certainly building off the success of his debut and partnership with Goldstein.

Jolie Anastasia and Band

Jolie Anastasia and Band

Sunday 3:00pm

Jolie Smith Bio

Introducing the talented Jolie Smith, also known as “JoJo” to her nearest and dearest. With a voice that resonates from the depths of her soul, it’s no wonder she leaves listeners spellbound. At only 20 years young, JoJo is an old soul who transports her audience to a bygone era with her nostalgic and familiar sound, reminiscent of legends Joni Mitchell and Nick Drake. But don’t be fooled by her vintage vibes, JoJo’s music is a breath of fresh air that defies current trends.

As soon as you hear JoJo’s celestial vocals paired with her exceptional acoustic guitar skills, you’ll be hooked like the rest of her fans. Her music has a way of captivating crowds wherever she goes. Without a doubt she’s a rising star.

Hot Pants

hot pants -four winds music fest

Saturday 11:00am

Hot Pants Bio

Hot Pants are a group of passionate musicians who are inspired by our abundantly beautiful and diverse planet! 🌎 🌍 🌏 Our music has a wide range of influences that are hard to define, however one common link is that our songs will light up your heart and put a smile in your dancing feet! Singer-songwriter and rhythm guitarist Patrick Keating enjoyed his childhood years growing up in Durham and has spent many summer days in and along the banks of the Saugeen River! He is very excited to return to his home town to celebrate with everybody! The other members of this five-piece band are Kyle Dreany (bass, backing vocals), Jason Savery (brass and backing vocals), Marek Barlow (lead guitar), and Paz Ciuk (drums). Hot Pants is grateful to call the southern shores of Georgian Bay and that part of the Niagara Escarpment home! We are in our element performing while immersed in beautiful nature, and we look forward to being with everyone at Four Winds Music Festival this summer!

Ryan Valentine

Ryan Valentine-four winds music fest

Sunday 1:15pm

Ryan Valentine Bio

Ryan Valentine comes from Kitchener, Ontario. At the age of 19, he left home to pursue a career less travelled, a songwriter. At the age of 21, he was recruited out of Australia to perform on the stages of popular cruise ships around the world. A year later, he flew to San Diego, California to start working on his first EP with acclaimed producer Jesse Barrera (My American Heart). The self-titled EP “Ryan Valentine” was released in 2015, and started touring the country of his new home, Australia. In 2016, he went to London, UK to start writing for his first full length LP. Fast-forward to April 2018, he teamed up with Jesse Barrera in California to start recording Valentine’s first full length LP titled “Evolution”. Touring the world until the world came to a halt in 2020, he humbly arrived back home. Entering and winning the 2021 Dorothy Shoemaker Awards, he received favourite pick from songwriting judge, Ian Smith. Valentine and Smith quickly got together and became a songwriting team. A match made in heaven. Ryan Valentine’s long-awaited album comes out in 2024

Lucy Jinx Four Winds music Fest

Saturday 11:30am

Lucy Jinx Bio

Lucy Jinx plays songs you remember but have never heard. They specialize in automatically written, hook driven originals. Their niche anthems, crunched epics, and mad infections fill out their indefinable hot pop maze.

Lucy writes her songs automatically, and this is key to understanding their peculiar sound: each recording represents the moment the song was ‘written’.

Lucy Jinx were nominated for a Canadian Screen Award in 2023 for best original song for the film Cult Hero. Their new album is a gunney sack of restless, ready songs. When They Win has more hooks than a velcro chinstrap. Lucy Jinx is Tony Burgess, Chuck Baker, Keith Elliott, John Hall, Kyle Dreany and Skip Wamsteeker.

Choir Revolution

Choir Revolution four winds music fest

Saturday 5:15pm

Choir Revolution Bio

Do you remember how you felt at your first concert? Well, at Choir Revolution it’s like that with EVERY event they host, and YOU get to be part of the performance!
Choir Revolution started as a weekly, drop-in singing event in Barrie, ON. Now they bring their soul-filling, community building events to cities all over Ontario.
The team at Choir Rev. foster a vibrant, uplifting, and inclusive environment everywhere they go.
Caswell’s (Music director) brilliant energy and spirited leadership make for what most participants would describe as “magic.”
Not a singer!?!? You’re perfect for our choir! Caswell will lead you through simple harmonies to popular songs as you smile, laugh and sing your way to absolute bliss. Sessions are two hours long and everyone is home for a reasonable bedtime!

Jessica Darmanin

Jessica_Darmanin yoga

Saturday & Sunday 8:00am

Jessica Darmanin Bio

I think back to my first yoga class which led to my first yoga instructor course and the first class I taught. It was a tremendous ah-ha when I realized that joy for me comes from being in service to others – helping them find joy and love themselves, build strength and acceptance through music, movement, reflection and play.

I am a Yoga Instructor with 700+ hours of formal teacher training: Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin, Prenatal, and Restorative Yoga, Ayurveda and 300+ hours of Vipassana Meditation training. Additional experience includes work in Senior Care, as well as Birth Doula and Palliative Care study. I have been guiding yoga since 2016, with the absolute honour of teaching in studios, schools, hospitals, retirement homes, hospices, residential homes, corporate settings, and on yoga retreats. Bodhichitta, the Sanskit word used to describe an awakened mind, motivated to work towards the liberation of all beings, is a daily motivation for me. Through movement, meditation, and music, health, happiness, and healing in community is possible.

Saikou Saho

Saikou Saho four winds

Saturday 11:00am

Saikou Saho Bio

An interactive performance by Saikou Saho, a masterful drummer from the Gambia. Featuring the healing power of the drum, the beat, the Rhythm of the Motherland. Saikou will share his twenty-five-year journey as a teacher, performer and stable culture keeper in Toronto and aboard.

Brank Oh!


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Friday 11:30pm

Brank Oh! Bio

A whimsical wandering wizard wielding wondrous wisdom and wit, Brank Oh! has roamed universal musical circles for ages, marrying magic and merriment in spontaneous splendour. Fatefully finding the bass guitar at a young age, he enthusiastically explored, and harnessed, this tool in his formative years, which later led to the formation of two, modestly successful, musical acts (The Makeshift Heroes, Dinosaur Bones), many shows and multiple tours, extensively spanning the expanse of the continent, over the duration of a decade. During this time he also discovered the age-old art of freestyling, and has been honing and utilizing this craft to captivate eager onlookers, both locally and globally, ever since.
A ubiquitous presence in the Toronto music scene, a formerly signed, seasoned touring musician and a globally travelled entertainer, Brank Oh! is a self-proclaimed, “Good Vibe Guru”, and pillar of the local musical community. He has been performing live for over two decades, and has been emceeing and hosting events for over half of that time.
This summer, he is excited to meet you all, and guide you through the epic journey that is the Fours Winds Music Fest!

Taylor Abrahamse

Emerging Artist Contest Winner

Picture touchups April 21st - 1

Saturday 11:00am

Taylor Abrahamse Bio

Like a maple leaf in a gust above the prairies, Taylor Abrahamse blissfully floats between the borders of song, gender & genre with his/her deftly crafted, hook-laden hammerclaw pop. A Paul Simon/Jim Carrey crossbreed, (s)he’ll leave you laughing, inspired, and even singing along – if you can reach that high.

Taylor is a Kerrville Newfolk Winner, plus a Canadian Idol & Mariposa Emerging Artist finalist. Out of love for Taylor’s writing, Eddie Kramer (Jimi Hendrix, The Beatles, Bowie, etc), insisted on working alongside him to produce & mix his acclaimed 2020 debut album & its 2021 Deluxe Edition. Taylor’s music & writing is also in the feature film ‘About Fate’ starring Emma Roberts, musicals, and TV series such as ‘Fangbone!’ (Disney) – one of many series where Taylor voiced main & supporting characters. Fresh from an extensive Home Routes Ontario tour, his next US summer tour will be alongside Flamy Grant, the first drag queen with a #1 album on the iTunes Christian chart.

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